Digital Telecom Distributor of Power and Surge Protection Equipment

Distributor of a full line of lightning surge protection, to uninterruptible power supply systems.

Digital Telecom business products are used by educational, financial, medical, industrial, telephone and data communications, military and aerospace industry.

We are in the process of adding items, if you are looking for an item not yet included, please call 800-365-5957


4B3S-75 75V Digital Primary Telephone Surge Protector

Circa Telecom 4B3S-75 75V 5 Pin Primary Digital Telephone Surge Protector.

PCB1B-WKEY Surge Protector Base

Emerson Edco PCB1B-WKEY Base Connector for EDCO inline Plug-In Modules.

3C1EW 3-TYPE GDT Surge Protector

Commscope 3C1EW 5 Pin Gas Discharge Tube Primary Surge Protector with Test Points.

Emerson Edco HDE Surge Protector

HDE 150mA Digital Extension 66 Block Telephone Surge Protector.

HSP121BT-1RU 120V AC Hardwired Surge Protector

Emerson Edco HSP121BT-1RU inline 15A 120 Volt AC Hardwired Internal Mount Sine Wave Filtering Heavy Duty Power Surge Protector.

DRS-036 Din Rail 4-20ma Surge Protector

Emerson Edco DRS-036 inline 36V DC din rail 4-20ma surge protector.

Emerson Edco PC642C-008LC Surge Protector

PC642C-008LC 150ma Low Capacitance RS422, RS485 Surge Protector.

Emerson Edco 11604KIT-PC DIN Rail Mounting kit

11604KIT-PC DIN Rail Mounting kit For PCB1B Base.

Emerson Edco PC642C-036 Surge Protector

PC642C-036 150ma 36V Surge Protector.

Emerson Edco 11604KIT-CX

11604KIT-CX DIN Rail Mounting kit For CX Surge Protectors.

Emerson Edco HAE Surge Protector

HAE 150mA Analog Extension 66 Block Telephone Surge Protector.

Emerson Edco HCO Surge Protector

HCO 150mA CO Central Office 66 Block Telephone Surge Protector.