Interalia iProMOH IPM-1-60-A 1 channel, 60 min, Message Announcer

IPM-1-60-A 1 channel,60 min,120/240 VAC Message Announcer 21360. *REFURBISHED PRODUCT* See note.
Manufacturer part number: 21360
Manufacturer: Interalia
Availability: In stock

iProMOH IPM-1-60-A 1 channel, 60 minute, REFURBISHED

Interalia iProMOH allows on-hold callers and store patrons to listen to pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded music, blended music/messages, or messages cross-faded with music from an external source such as a live satellite feed, or an internally stored music bed.

IPM-1-60 1 channel, 60 minute, 120 / 240 VAC power adapter

Note: At least one iCAS software installation is required for an iProMOH network to work. One iCAS can manage a single iProMOH or multiple iProMOH units on the network.


 Note: The 21360 IPM-1-60A cannot be used as a stand alone unit. This unit must be used in conjunction with an already existing ICAS Software installation. The 21360 IPM-1-60A cannot be upgraded to work with any other Interalia Software management system.

 There are No Returns accepted for this item, please insure you, or your customer, already have the discontinued Interalia ICAS Software before ordering as compatible Management Software cannot be ordered from Interalia for the 21360 any longer.

iProMOH Brochure PDF