Accratech Linear/1 UPS.

The Linear/1 UPS from Accratech is an isolated, medical grade UPS designed for the demands of professional service.

The UL 60601-1 Accratech Linear/1 UPS features no-break transfers, high surge capability, multiple voltage outputs and ultra-low leakage current to minimize patient risk.

Accratech Linear/1 U91-1.0K Medical Grade UPS

Linear/1 U91-1.0K 1000VA / 1000W 3 outlet 8 minute battery (full load) Medical Grade UPS.

Accratech Linear/1 U91-1.5K Medical Grade UPS

Linear/1 U91-1.5K 1500VA / 1500W 3 outlet 5 minute battery (full load) Medical Grade UPS.