CAT6-5POE-FF POE CAT6 Surge Protector

Emerson Edco CAT6-5POE-FF inline Female to Female Category 6 5 POE Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector.
Manufacturer part number: CAT6-5POE-FF
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Edco CAT6-5POE-FF Female to Female Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector.

CAT6-5POE-FF Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco CAT6-5POE-FF gigabit ethernet surge protector is designed to work on Category 5 Power-over-Ethernet (cat 5 PoE) transmission lines as well as Category 6 applications. Ideal to protect expensive equipment against surges and transients entering a building on exposed transmission lines. Available in both female to female and male to female RJ-45 connectors.

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