COHP-015 Surge Protector

Emerson Edco COHP-015 15 Volt 66 Block Surge Protector.
Manufacturer part number: COHP-015
GTIN: 630898000457
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Edco COHP-015 15 Volt Surge Protector.

COHP-015 Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco COHP-015 modules are three-stage hybrid protectors for low-voltage data and telecommunications applications. The COHP-015 modules address overvoltage transients with gas tubes and silicon avalanche components. In addition, sneak and fault currents are mitigated with resettable fuses (PTCs). Intended to be used on pairs without the presence of ringing voltage. COHP modules are designed for data and control applications as an isolated loop circuit protector.

  • Replaces Bridging Clips on 66 M1-50 Block
  • Nanosecond Response Time
  • Line-to-Line Protection
  • Line-to-Ground Protection
  • Utilizes MGB Grounding Rail
  • Rugged Three-Electrode Gas Tube First Stage
  • Silicon Avalanche Hybrid Technology
  • UL 497B Listed
  • Polyswitch Resettable Fusing PTCs


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