CP-CCTV power and coax combo CCTV Surge Protection

Emerson Edco CP-CCTV inline combo Edco CP-24 with CCTV-1 video and power CCTV surge protector SPD.
Manufacturer part number: CP-CCTV
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Edco CP-CCTV Surge Protector Combo

The Emerson Edco CP-CCTV Combo includes an Emerson CP-24 24V CCTV Power surge protection along with an Emerson CCTV-1 video BNC data line protection.

Protect both your power and video feeds on DVR and Closed Circuit TV Systems that utilize analog BNC Connections.

With combo discounts it makes more sense than ever to cover ALL paths into, and out of, your CCTV/DVR Systems & Video Cameras.

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