CX06-MI CCTV Surge Protector

Emerson Edco CX06-MI inline BNC CCTV Video Camera Surge Protector Isolated Shield BNC Coax.
Manufacturer part number: CX06-MI
GTIN: 630898000686
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Edco CX06-MI Isolated Shield BNC CCTV Surge Protector.

CX06-MI Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco CX06-MI 1 outlet surge suppressors offer effective protection for video camera and security related equipment involving BNC coaxial cable connections. Grounding is an important facet in proper protection. There are many applications where the camera ground reference is different from the head-end equipment ground reference.

The standard CX06M series product internally connects the coax shield to the suppressor ground lug. In the case where the ground references are not the same (two different buildings) then the shield should be connected to ground only at the head-end equipment. Ground currents, which could compromise data quality, can result if the shield is connected to ground via the CX06-M at the camera end.

Therefore, the CX06-MI (isolated shield from ground) option is employed at the camera end. The shield is referenced through a gas tube protector to ground, but is internally isolated to avoid ground currents. If the ground reference at each end of the coax is the same, then the standard CX06-M product can be used with success.


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