DRS48030 480V Surge Protector

Emerson PowerSure DRS48030 480 Volt AC, Din Rail SPD 480V Three Phase Delta, 4 Wire, MOV only, 40kA Power Surge Protector.
Manufacturer part number: DRS48030
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Control Concepts DRS48030 480V Din Rail Mount Three Phase Surge Protector.

DRS48030 Surge Protector.

The Control Concepts PowerSure DRS48030 is a Modular DIN rail mountable Surge Protective Device (SPD) that is designed for easy installation in existing AC Panelboards and control panels using standard DIN rail mounting brackets. The PowerSure DRS devices offer both normal and common surge protection up to 40 kA per phase.


  • Built-in thermal components disconnect SPD from the power source to avoid thermal runaway conditions.
  • MOV only or MOV+Gas Tube models available.
  • Fast response time, high surge current capability, low voltage protection levels.
  • Visual inspection window on each module indicates status.
  • 5 year warranty.

DRS Powersure PDF.

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