EL-EDS Maglock/Electric strike access control door surge protector

Emerson Edco EL-EDS Surge Protector SPD for 52VDC 24VAC Systems.
Manufacturer part number: EL-EDS
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Edco EL-EDS Maglock or Electric Strike Access Control Door Surge Protector.

EL-EDS Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco EL-EDS surge protection kit is installed with electrical switching devices that are connected through a relay contact on typical access control door maglock or electric strike control panels.

The Emerson Edco EL-EDS protects against electrical anomalies (transients) that are generated as a result of the collapsing electrical field of an electromagnetic switching device (maglock or electric strike). The Edco EL-EDS provides protection for both relay contacts and control panel.