CAT6-POE-4C CAT6 802.3at Gigabit Multi-Channel POE Surge Protector

Emerson Edco CAT6-POE-4C Flange Mount Multi-Channel Gigabit Ethernet Category 6 IEEE 802.3at POE+ Surge Protector SPD 4 Port.
Manufacturer part number: CAT6-POE-4C
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Edco CAT6-POE-4C CAT6 4-Channel / 4-port Gigabit POE / POE+ Flange Mount Surge Protector.

CAT6-POE-4C Flange Mount 4-Channel CAT6 POE+ Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco CAT6-POE-4C POE surge protector is an advanced 3 Stage Hybrid data line protector designed to protect Category 6 GigE Gigabit Power over Ethernet (cat 6 PoE and PoE+) transmission data lines. The CAT6-POE-4C Surge Protection Device is a stand alone flange mountable unit that may be used as a solution for multi-channel Ethernet protection or in applications in which having spare protection ports is desirable for redundancy and quick recovery from surge events that may otherwise render a single port solution venerable due to protection bypass. The Edco Emerson Hybrid protection components, and circuit design of the CAT6-POE Series, support both 802.3af and 802.3at power over ethernet standards as well as higher current custom applications in which a maximum of .75A per pin may support. Each of the 8-conductors on the CAT6-POE Series ports have been designed to provide discrete conductor protection at the same voltage and current specifications allowing the CAT6-POE Series SPD to be used as an effective protection solution for the widest variety of standard and custom POE applications.   The Edco Emerson CAT-POE series SPD is a Heavy Duty commercial grade protector that supports automatic recovery of higher voltage and current surge events that can often be experienced in environments which are at a higher venerability due to geographical and/or the physical location of the application. The 4 Channel/Port density of the CAT6-POE-8C supports a cost savings over using individual CAT6-POE Protectors at the Head End where a single point ground connection for the Multiple Channel units are a welcome convenience that supports a more secure, and speedier installation. 


Ideal for WAP, VoIP, CCTV IP Camera, gigabit network switch and hubs.

Technical Specification.

IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at Compliant.


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