DRS-130RMS Din Rail 5A Discrete Signal Surge Protector

Emerson Edco DRS-130RMS inline 130 Volt din rail 5A Discrete Signal surge protector.
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Edco DRS-130RMS 130V din rail 5A Discrete Signal surge protector.

DRS-130RMS Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco DRS-130RMS is a din rail mountable, single pair 2 wire plus shield surge suppression module implementing MOV Technology. These modules addresses over voltage transients with MOV components. The DRS-130RMS is UL 1449B Listed.

** WARNING!! Edco DRS-130 RMS is for Discrete Signal Use Only. Do not use Edco DRS-130 RMS on 120 VAC Power Lines. This unit is a Non-Hybrid, MOV design, rated at or below 5A maximum continuious operational current and can withstand greater than eight occurrences of a 10kA 8x20!s waveform, and greater than 1000 occurrences of a 200A 10x1000!s waveform : The DRS-130RMS is UL 1449b Listed.

The Edco DRS-130RMS mounted onto a standard 35mm industrial DIN rail. There are three Field Side and three Electronics Side screw terminals. One is reserved for a shield. Three electrically tied ground terminals are provided for grounding the Edco DRS Series unit to building-approved ground. Shield is isolated from ground.



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