HSP121BT-1RU Hardwired 120V AC Surge Protector

Emerson Edco HSP121BT-1RU inline 15A 120 Volt Surge Protector AC Hardwired Sine Wave Filtering Heavy Duty.
Manufacturer part number: HSP121BT-1RU
GTIN: 630898001973
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Edco HSP121BT-1RU 120V AC Surge Protector with Filtering.

HSP121BT-1RU Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco HSP121BT-1RU is a UL 1449 Listed, 120V AC 15A, sine wave filtering advanced 3-stage hybrid, solid-state hardwired terminal block for control panel power surge protection. Features such as common mode and normal mode suppression, nanosecond reaction time, noise filtering power line tracking, and compression screw terminations make the Emerson HSP121BT-1RU an outstanding choice in commercial and industrial applications.

The HSP121BT-1RU has a user replaceable fuse designed to remove the load (protected equipment) from the line if the unit is either overloaded or the internal protection fails. This prevents surges from entering equipment through a failed protector.


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