ES9-12 12V 9Ah Battery

MK Battery ES9-12 12 Volt 9Ah 36Wh Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery.
Manufacturer part number: ES9-12
Manufacturer: MK Battery
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MK Battery ES9-12 12V 9Ah 36Wh.

ES9-12 12 Volt 9Ah battery.

Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery.

This IS NOT a generic or substitute battery, this is the Real ES9-12 MK Battery sold by Digital Telecom Inc., a genuine MK Authorized distributor with direct manufacturers warranty. Batteries from our Inventory are fresh, receive maintenance charges according to manufacturers recommendation, and also receive a 1 Hour top-off charge prior to shipping.

Feel free to call us for the manufacturing date of the battery you are considering to purchase!

Changing batteries is done infrequently so when it has to be done you can count on MK Battery and Digital Telecom to insure you receive a premium battery manufactured and maintained to consistently provide dependable results.

If your supplier can't tell you the age of the battery they are offering you there isn't a good reason, don't waste your time & money, and don't fall for the Warranty as being good enough explanation.

A battery that lasts 2.5 Years instead of 3.5 Years costs you ~30% in lost time alone, and this doesn't take into consideration the added time & expense for installation and shipping. A cheaper and/or older, mismanaged battery will cost you more in the long run regardless of the Warranty.


Nominal Capacity 36Wh
20Hr Rate 9AH
Max Discharge 5 Seconds  135A
Charge Cycle Use : 14.4V to 15.0V
Charge Stand By Use : Float 13.5V to 13.8V
Operating Temperature  
Charge -15c (5f) to 40c(104f)
Discharge -15c (5f) to 50c(122f)
Storage -15c (5f) to 40c(104f)
Terminal T2 (.25")
Dimensions 5.94"L x 2.56"W x 3.7"H (+ .34" Terminal).
Weight 6.21 Lbs
Standby Life Expectancy 3-5 Years.
Warranty 1 Year.

ES9-12 PDF.