Emerson Edco HDE Surge Protector

HDE 150mA Digital Extension 66 Block Telephone Surge Protector.
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Edco HDE Digital Extension Telephone Line 66-Block Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco HDE Digital Extension Line Surge Protector TVSS Advanced Ultra-High-Speed Technology; 66-Block surge suppression.

The HDE modules are ultra-high-speed fused solid-state UL 497B secondary protectors for KEY/PABX telephone systems. The units are available in three application specific models. The H-Series is constructed with solid-state silicon foldback technology, polyswitch resettable fuses (PTCs) and failure fuses. The protective elements switch from the normal high impedance state to low impedance state upon a detection of a surge, then switch back to high impedance after the surge has subsided. This advanced protection circuitry provides the industry's fastest trip time for surge voltages as well as sneak current (an electrical characteristic that is often overlooked in surge suppression).

Each module is equipped with a test point for easy maintenance. The H-Series single-pair modules fit onto a standard 66 M1-50 split blocks and replace the bridging clips. In addition, these modules require the EDCO MGB Ground Rail for each 66 M1-50 block used.

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