Sperry HGT-120A Hazardous Ground Tester

HGT-120A Stop Shock 120 Volt AC Power Hazardous Ground Tester.
Manufacturer part number: HGT-120A
Manufacturer: Sperry Instruments
Availability: In stock

Sperry HGT-120A Stop Shock Hazardous Ground Circuit Analyzer.

The HGT-120A Stop Shock Low Impedance Hazardous Ground Circuit Analyzer While other receptacle testing devices will verify correct wiring and the existence of some type of ground, only Stop Shock Hazardous Ground Circuit Analyzer will test and verify a safe low impedance ground thereby insuring the safety of the AC circuit wall outlet, multiple outlet strip or extension cord being used. Tester Analyzer Specifications HGT-120A Voltage Range: 80-140 Vac max. to ground Frequency: 50/60 Hz Dimensions: 3.3"H x 2.6"W x 1.1"D (83 x 67 x 28mm) Weight: 2.5 oz (70g)

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