HVCP-48-BNC-4X hybrid CCTV surge protector

Emerson Edco HVCP-48-BNC-4X inline hybrid multi port power, control data, video camera CCTV surge protector SPD.
Manufacturer part number: HVCP-48-BNC-4X
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Edco HVCP-48-BNC-4X CCTV Surge Protector

The Emerson Edco HVCP-48-BNC-4X NEMA 4x weatherproof enclosure, a hybrid surge protection product offering a three-part solution to safeguard data, coax video input, and DC power. Featuring separate circuits, the Edco HVCP-48-BNC can handle high-current impulses while simultaneously clamping transients and allowing critical power and data to be transmitted.

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