LRIC+107 Line Cord And Receptacle 120V AC 7.5A Sine Wave Filter

Emerson Islatrol LRIC+107 inline 1 outlet Line Cord And Receptacle 120V AC 7.5A Active Tracking Sine Wave Filter and Power Surge Protector SPD.
Manufacturer part number: LRIC+107
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*** Manufacture Discontinued, See LRIC-115

Islatrol LRIC+107 120V AC 7.5A Surge Protector.

LRIC+107 120V Surge Potector.

The Emerson Control Concepts Islatrol Plus LRIC+107 Series-Connected High-Frequency noise sine wave tracking filter with transient protection. The LRIC+107 surge protection is a receptacle/line cord equipped unit for use with critical loads (120V AC up to 7.5 Amps). Applications include industrial or office equipment, computers placed in harsh environments.


  • Line Cord / receptacle input and output connection.
  • Typically reduces normal mode transients to +/-2 volts.
  • Surge current capacity — 45,000 Amps.
  • Transient protection in all modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground..
  • LED power indication.
  • UL 1283, CSA recognized.
  • 10 year warranty.

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