Battery Backup Systems UL 60601-1 Hospital Medical Grade UPS

Designed to meet and exceed the healthcare safety standards set by UL 60601-1 and CSA, the Medical Grade battery backup systems ensures clean, reliable power when operating with unstable utility power sources, and provides the low leakage current. Sophisticated hospital medical equipment such as ultrasound systems, film processors, laboratory systems, and other healthcare devices need optimal power protection from noise, sags and surges.

Accratech Linear/1 U91-1.0K Medical Grade UPS

Linear/1 U91-1.0K 1000VA / 1000W 3 outlet 8 minute battery (full load) Medical Grade UPS.

Accratech Linear/1 U91-1.5K Medical Grade UPS

Linear/1 U91-1.5K 1500VA / 1500W 3 outlet 5 minute battery (full load) Medical Grade UPS.