Emerson Edco MGB Surge Protector Master Ground Rail

MGB 66-Block Ground Bar Rail .
Manufacturer part number: MGB
GTIN: 630898002925
Availability: In stock

Edco MGB Master Ground Bar Rail Master.

The Emerson Edco MGB Ground Bar for Edco Surge protectors. Fits standard 66-M150 Blocks to provide up to 25 pairs of protection.

The MGB Ground Rail is designed to fit standard 66MI-50 Punch Down Blocks. It allows Edco’s H-Series, COHP, OPX, PB Series and other similar surge suppressors to access ground when snapped onto the 66MI-50 Punch Down Block. The Standard 66MI-50 Block is capable of accommodating up to 25 Edco surge suppressors.


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