Emerson Edco MOD-12 AC Tip/Ring Surge Protection for telephone systems.
Manufacturer part number: MOD-12
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MOD-12 AC and 66 Block Tip / Ring Surge Protection Platform

***** This product has been Manufacture Discontinued, Please call for a substitute (800)365-5957 ******

MOD-12 combines AC and 66 Block Tip/Ring line surge protector TVSS protection for KEY/PBX telephone systems into one attractive, compact assembly. This innovative design creates an automatic ground window, thus eliminating the problem of ground potential difference. EDCO H-Series Protector Modules readily snap onto the MOD-12 66 Block. Protection is expandable from one to 12 pairs in single-pair increments, and is field upgradable. In addition, test points are provided on each pair.

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