RM-CX06-16R Rack Mount CCTV Surge Protector

Emerson Edco RM-CX06-16R inline 1RU 16 outlet channel BNC coaxial video camera DVR CCTV Rack Mount Surge Protector.
Manufacturer part number: RM-CX06-16R
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Edco RM-CX06-16R Video Camera BNC 16 port rackmount CCTV surge protector.

RM-CX06-16R Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco RM-CX06-16R CCTV coax cable DVR surge protector BNC 16 output 1RU rack mount.

The RM-CX06-16R is a 16 video camera coaxial BNC channel rack mountable data line surge protection that utilizes a three-stage hybrid design topology. These units address over-voltage transients with gas discharge and silicon avalanche devices. In addition, sneak and fault currents are mitigated with PTC technology. The RM-CX06-16R is the ideal product to protect expensive video multiplexers.

RM-CX06-16R PDF.

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