SHA-1230FS Surge Protector

Emerson Edco SHA-1230FS Surge Protector.
Manufacturer part number: SHA-1230FS
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Emerson Edco SHA-1230FS Surge Protector.

The Edco SHA-1230FS surge protection is a FingerSafe 120V AC single-phase 2W+G, 30A surge suppressor / filter designed to shunt electrical type transients affecting the electrical distribution inside a traffic cabinet.

The Edco SHA-1230FS offers 50kA per Mode and 100kA per phase of surge current protection.
The Edco SHA-1230FS utilizes Thermally-protected Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOVs) with an integrated thermally activated element designed to open in the event of overheating due to the abnormal over-voltage, limited current conditions.


General Technical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage           120VAC
  • Operating Current           30A.
  • VPR 600VAC
  • In                                 20kA.
  • Peak Surge Current         50 kA/Mode, 100 kA/Phase, 150 kA/Total.
  • Operating frequency        47-63Hz
  • EMI Attenuation               40 dB typ.
  • SPD Technology              MOVs w/L-C Filter.
  • Input/Output Terminal     Finger Safe (20-6AWG).
  • Fuse/Breaker                  30A (recommended).
  • Relay Contact                 Form C Dry Contact (250V, 1A Max.)
  • Relay Terminal               3 Position (22-16 AWG).
  • Modes of Protection         L-N, L-G, N-G
  • Connection Type             Recessessed Terminal Screws
  • Operation Temperature    -40°C to +85°C.
  • Dimensions                    (Inches) 1.875H x 3.25W x 5.75L
  • Weight                           12 oz.