SHAS-240 120V 240V Highway Lighting Surge Protector

Emerson Edco SHAS-240 inline 15A 36 kA 120 240 Volt AC Power outdoor lighting, light pole surge protector SPD (L-L, L-G).
Manufacturer part number: SHAS-240
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Edco SHAS-240 120V 240V Surge Protector Highway Lighting Pole.

SHAS-240 Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco SHAS-240 120V 240V Series Highway Lighting Protector is a smaller version of the popular Edco SHA Series. It easily fits into a outdoor light pole 3" x 5" hand hole and incorporates the use of TMOV's (MOV's with a thermal cutoff) and an LED. Should the unit's TMOV's degrade as a result of either a large surge or over time due to multiple surges, the LED will go out. This will enable the maintenance personnel to easily identify if the protection is lost and the unit needs replacing. The Edco SHAS Series also has about 30% less capacitance, thus eliminating the need to require a low capacitance version.