TER-030 24VDC Surge Protector

Emerson Edco TER-030 Surge Protector for 24 Volt DC Systems.
Manufacturer part number: TER-030
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Edco TER-030 Zone Loop 24VDC Surge Protector.

TER-030 Surge Protector.

The Emerson Edco TER-030 surge suppressor is a single-pair (2-wire) surge suppressor that installs directly onto electronic circuit wiring terminal screws. This close proximity preserves the protectors response time, clamping level, and ground reference by eliminating lead lengths. The small size of the TER Series protector allows for it to fit directly inside most fire or security panels, CCTV housings and other system electronic enclosures. Ordering information: Fits in series with circuit's wires at the terminal screws. Zone, Buss, Loop, Data, Receive, Bell, Horn, Strobe, Pan/Tilt & CCTV

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